Monday, September 11, 2017

Building a Better World

That was the theme of the public library summer program. I hope they don't mind me "borrowing" it. 
Lots on my mind this week... The people in Florida and Texas. Many others that I know are currently struggling.
And all the rainbows and bright clothes and the loving, accepting, joyful environment we experienced at Worcester Pride on Saturday!
How beautiful when all God's children get to be who they are, and be proud of it. 
We gave out "Black Lives Matter" buttons (they were the first to go), "God Is Love" buttons, rainbow colored lollipops and fans, and temporary tattoos in the shape of a rainbow comma. It represents the United Church of Christ's "God is Still Speaking" campaign. 
We also had good conversations with people who were looking for an accepting and welcoming church. I was pleased to see many other churches there as well! We're all in this together, to spread the love of God and build a better world that way.
I wore one of the commas on my cheek and decided to leave it on for Sunday (Yes, I washed my face - just not that part!) Only one person commented on it so I completely forgot I was wearing it until I went out for coffee later that day. 
I guess my Trinity peeps know me well enough now, it doesn't even surprise them when I'm wearing a rainbow comma on my face! 
We also had a discussion about being "allies" to people of color and the LGBTQ community. Obviously I'm not a person of color. Is it more effective to say I am not gay but I support the gay community? Or should I let people assume I'm gay? I go back and forth. I definitely want to be an ally to ALL PEOPLE that are marginalized, discriminated against, disrespected and hurt in any way. To all people. I will stand up for you, I will stand next to you, I will have your back. Because that's what Jesus did.

This is a prayer written by Rev. Bojangles Blanchard, that AWAB (Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists) printed on a little card for us to hand out:
Oh Holy One, bless us with joy and love as your LGBTQ children and allies celebrating the diversity that is a direct reflection of you, God. Give us the liberation that comes through living fully as our true selves and remind us always that we are yours, loved and cherished forever. 

On Sunday afternoon I attended "Songs of Hope - A Musical Expression of Hope, Endurance & Triumph" at Belmont AME Zion Church in Worcester. It was presented by the Worcester Black-Jewish Alliance. I was deeply moved and inspired by the songs shared by African American and Jewish voices. 
One of the groups sang the following words, written by Leonard Bernstein: “This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.”
Amen and Amen and Amen!
Speaking of music: Please join us this coming Sunday, Sept 17, for Applefest at Trinity Church! There will be music! An outreach table, kindness rocks, cookies, craft vendors, and much, much more. If you sing or play an instrument, read poetry or tell inspirational stories, you are more than welcome to step up to the mic.

Let's build a better world together. With the help of God.