Monday, June 17, 2019

How We Experience God

Yesterday, many churches celebrated Trinity Sunday: God is Creator, God is in Jesus Christ, and God is Spirit. God gives life, God shows us how to live, and God inspires us. 
Generations of scholars have tried to figure this out: How can God be experienced in three different ways, and yet be one and the same God?
I'm not going to try to figure that out, and I don't think we need to. God is beyond our comprehension. A God that we can figure out wouldn't be God. We need a power that is greater than our own, and greater than our minds. We need a power that can blow us away!
Some people experience God in nature, in the created world.
Others see God in the face of the person on the side of the street, asking for help.
And yet others feel closest to God when they hear music.
These are three random examples of how we experience God. There are a billion more. That's the amazing thing about God: God comes to each of us in the way that we need it. God speaks to us individually in a way that only we can understand.
So instead of trying to figure God out, let's just be open to God speaking to us.
Because God is speaking, to me and to you!
Praise God! 

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